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  • May 29

    Dec 27 Certification Ceremony for 4th women¡s college (22 certified)

  • Nov 26
    ~Dec 01

    Held Korea-China International Design Exhibit with Dalian Institute of Light Industry in China (Daegu Culture and Arts Center

  • Nov 25

    Held Korea-China Joint Fashion Show with Dalian Institute of Light Industry in China (Korea Fiber Technologies Research Center)

  • Oct 21

    Joined as a member college in the Korea College Volunteer Council

  • Oct 14
    ~Dec 14

    Dispatched short-term overseas scholarship student to the Osaka Foreign Language School in Japan

  • Oct 12

    Approval for installation of continuing education center (approved by the Ministry of Education)

  • Oct 07

    Opened Daegu Education Information Center (Jisan-dong, Daegu)

  • Aug 12

    Dispatched language course students to the Boston Foreign Language School in the US (17 teachers and students)

  • Jul 25

    Began construction of student's hall and labs

  • Jul 03

    Opened 4th 'Women's College' (39 students)

  • May 21

    Agreed on sister affiliation with Shanghai University in China
    And Central Academy of Arts and Design in Beijing

  • May 01

    Established environmental issues research lab

  • Apr 04

    Agreed on sister affiliation with Education Foundation of Bunsai in Japan
    And Hawaii Pacific University in the US

  • Mar 23

    Agreed on sister affiliation with Beppu University in Japan

  • Mar 07

    4th Entrance Ceremony (1,280 students newly enrolled)

  • Mar 05

    Plate-hanging ceremony and Entrance ceremony at Yeongcheon City Hall Campus (109 students)

  • Jan 23

    2nd Graduation Ceremony (419 graduates)
    - Completed construction of the International Language Center


  • May 29

    Dec 28 Signd an agreement with Daegu Metropolitan Police Agency’s (Administrative computation department) for continuing education program and Daegu industry consigning education course

  • Nov 30

    Agreement made for continuing education program with Yeongcheon City(Administrative Computation, Information Processing and Logistics Management departments)
    Installed Daekyeung College Yeongcheon City Hall Campus

  • Nov 20

    Appointed Dr. Yoo Jin-sun as 2nd Founder & President

  • Jul 12

    Dispatched language course students to Beppu University in Japan

  • Jun 14

    Professor and students of early childhood education from Beppu University in Japan visited our campus
    Held Korea-Japan student debate

  • May 10

    Opened courses at Gyeongsan Women's College (co-hosted with Gyeongsan City Hall)

  • Mar 06

    3rd Entrance Ceremony: 1,120 students in 14 departments

  • Feb 20

    Agreed on sister affiliation with Dalian Institute of Light Industry in China

  • Feb 13

    Dispatched language course students to Beppu University in Japan

  • Jan 20

    1st Graduation Ceremony (234 graduates)


  • Jan 12

    Approval to establish 2 departmental continuing education programs (Electronic computing and Dying departments)

  • Mar 08

    Entrance Ceremony: 800 students in 10 departments


  • May 05

    Opening of Daekyeung College: 1st Entrance Ceremony-480 students in 6 departments (First President : Lee Jong-rok)


  • Oct 29

    Pre-authorization for establishing Daekyeung College

  • May 22

    Joongam Educational Foundation, Daekyeung College inauguration ceremon( Founder & President : Dr. Yoo Jin-sun)


  • Jun 08

    Dr. Yoo Jin-sun appointed as committee chairman (Founded Daekyeung College establishment committee)

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