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President Lee
Chae Young Lee

I welcome you to
Daekyeung University, a place for you to dream big, train for your career and gain the knowledge and skills to help make your dreams come true! After two decades of pioneering education, Daekyeung is still the leading source for career-based education in Korea. And I am happy to share this unique opportunity with you.
Our programs foster success for you because we have created a way to meet not only overall needs for all of our students, but DK leadership helps provide a customized education experience for each student to help realize their goals and dreams. Each of the departmentsare equipped with state-of-the art facilities led by professionals in those fields. Our faculty can help guide you to success through sharing their experiences, teaching you how to apply the information gained in the classroom and by giving you handson opportunities to put what you have learned to actual use through our co-op program interwoven into each career focus.

Many of our departments are related in some way to Korean superstars, and we bring them to you as examples and mentors to help mold you for your career. From alumni celebrities who are currently in their fields of expertise to former celebrities who are now members of our faculty, we provide you with many opportunities to be guided by those who are successful at doing exactly what you want to do for a career. Throughout your time at Daekyeung you will have opportunities to see our DK celebrities in person, and depending on your chosen job industry, you can have the opportunity to gain direct mentorship by some of our superstars in your program.
Daekyeung has gained the respect and recognition of the Korean government as being the leader in differentiatededucation. We have won many awards throughout the years, and are proud to be the recipient of the President Prize more than once which reflects our exemplary success of our graduates. We produce quality employees for job industries throughout Korea and consistently expand international partnerships which extend global career opportunities to our graduates as well.
We celebrate and embrace your creativity here at Daekyeung, and we provide the tools to change your creative ideas into reality. So...Think differently! Dream differently! And remember that Difference is the Value! I invite you to be part of our story as Daekyeung University moves into the future creating continued success around the world. It’s our stories that create the legend, and I look forward to helping your legend begin here at Daekyeung.

President Lee Chae Young Lee

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