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Jin-Seon Yoo President
Jin Sun Yoo

Being different is a genuine value.
Typically, in Korean society, it is common to repeat the same processes day after day without much regard for the need to change. At Daekyeung, the leadership realizes that this need is inevitable and in order to meet various industry standards and demands, programs offered at universities must change also. Daekyeung keeps this concept in mind as programs are continually developed and enhanced to maintain a quality education service to both students and potential employers in Korea, and globally in many cases. Utilizing individual strengths from students and combining those with professional guidance, superior training facilities and opportunities, Daekyeung fosters success in students' lives and in their employers' businesses as well. Daekyeung creates well-rounded but field-specific graduates whose talents and abilities are different than typical university graduates, which provides unique opportunities for them as they transition into their careers. Daekyeung realizes the value of being different, and where excellence is demanded in most career fields, DK hones-in on individual uniqueness and provides excellent training to create better employees for perspective job industries world-wide.

For more than 20 years Daekyeung University has promoted differentiated education and made achievements incomparable in the entire Korean history of education. Receiving many awards and acknowledgments, Daekyeung prides itself on providing innovative and state-of-the-art education training for its students. Times are not just now changing in our global society; times are always changing, and it is up to educational institutions to provide adequate and efficient training for future employees of not just current industry demands, but the demands to come. For many years, Daekyeung has approached education with the motto "Be Different Rather Than Excellent," and this philosophy has been the mainframe for many successful careers over the last two decades. Because life is continually changing, the needs to accommodate the changes are ever-present.

When asked what era would follow the Information Age, futurist Rolf Jensen said that it would be a Dream Society, transitioning from information to imagination, believing that the Information Society prized those who could skillfully manipulate data, but it would be those who can tell stories who will be most generously rewarded in the Dream Society. To become successful leaders in this new era, we must arm our students with sufficient skills and knowledge. We must think differently, even more so than before. People are dreaming differently than they ever have before, and success has many faces now. We celebrate our students’uniqueness and creativity that only they can bring to career industries all over the world by keeping in mind that "Difference is the Value! "

Founder of Daekyeung University Jin Sun Yoo

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