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2010-2011 Admission

Welcome to Daekyeung

For the past ten years our college has seen major growth. We have grown because we look forward to the future. We are constantly expanding to meet the needs of students. It would be our pleasure if we could share our dreams with you. We welcome you with open hearts and indeed hope you can help us experience the value of cultural growth. We are on the threshold of globalization in culture and communication. Please come and participate in the transition.

What it Daekyeung all about?

Daekyeung College is an international school with students from around the world.
When the doors were opened to foreign students a need for Korean classes soon followed. It is the goal of Daekyeung College to provide its students with the best possible education. Our college has designed a program to fit the needs of International students. Together the faculty and staff will do everything possible to make your experience at Daekyeung a memorable one

What can you tell me about Daekyeung?

Daekyeung college is a twelve year old college that has grown tremendously since the doors first opened. It was founded on the principle of being different and better than the rest. The school started with just one building and 500 students and has grown to five buildings five dormitories with state of the art equipment and the student body has grown to over 5000. This includes students from China, Japan, Russia, India, and Vietnam.

What is the future of Deakyeung?

The future at Daekyeung is endless. With new facilities being constructed all the time you can expect that growth will not be stunted by a lack of vision. The world is growing ever smaller and those who don¡¯t think globally will find the future not so forgiving. Leading the way in globalization you will find Daekyeung College. It is not the way of our college to just sit back and watch others create the future. Rather, it is our desire to be the one who is watched in awe as we develop what others only dream of.

Academic course

1. Three Year Programs

  • Department of Early Childhood Education
  • Department of Early Childhood Education
  • Department of Interior Design Display
  • Faculty of Theatre, Film and Broadcasting
    ¤ý Major in Theatre & Film
    ¤ý Major in Film & Broadcasting Producing
    ¤ý Major in Musical Theatre
  • Department of Entertainment & Event Management
  • Department of Nursing
  • Department of Visual Optics

2. Two Year Programs

  • Faculty of Police Administration
  • Department of Social Welfare
  • Faculty of Tourism and Hotel Management
  • Faculty of Hotel Culinary Arts
    ¤ý Major in Hotel Culinary Arts
    ¤ý Major in World Hotel Culinary Arts
    ¤ý Major in Food Stylist
    ¤ý Major in Dining Culinary Arts
  • Department of Baking Technology
  • Faculty of Sports Science
    ¤ý Major in Sports Clinic Therapy
    ¤ý Major in Taekwondo Education
    ¤ý Major in Child Physical Education
  • Faculty of Beauty Design
    ¤ý Major in Make-up Stylist
    ¤ý Major in Hair Design
    ¤ý Major in Skin Care
    ¤ý Major in Make-up Arts
  • Department of Fashion Specialist
  • Faculty of Security Administration
    ¤ý Major in Security System
    ¤ý Major in Security Administration
    ¤ý Major in Special Security
  • Department of Modeling
  • Department of Real Estate Management
  • Department of Wedding Management
  • Department of Military Officer
  • Department of Hospital Administration
  • Department of Bio-food Cooking
  • Department of Internet Information & Game
  • Department of Animal Training Event

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