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Visa Issuance

exchange student

  1. Application Form
  2. Letter of Invitation
  3. Certificate of Admission from Daekyeung College
  4. Financial Certificate
  5. Original Copy of the final diploma
  6. Copy of the written agreement of establishment of sisterhood
  7. Personal Resume (Korean copy enclosed)
  8. School Transcript
  9. Daekyeung College Business Registry
  10. Copy of a Resident I.D
  11. Certificate of Reference (Notarization required)
  12. Certificate of Entrustment

self-paying chicese student (D-2)

  1. Application Form
  2. Letter of Invitation
  3. Documents to guarantee financial capacity needed for study and housing-Certificate of Bank Balance (from the student)
  4. Essay of Living Plan
  5. Detailed Statement of expenditure (during 6 months or 1 years)
  6. Plan to make tuition and living cost
  7. Definite Statement assuring the Financial and Reference Certificate
  8. Detailed Report concerned the Financial and Reference Assurance
  9. Certificate of Reference (prescribed form, notarization required)-cost 22,000 won
  10. Certificate of Admission
  11. Receipt of Tuition payment
  12. Resident I.D
  13. Original copy of Diploma (Korean copy enclosed)
  14. School Transcript (Korean copy enclosed)
  15. Certificate of Employment (in case of employment in China)

foreign students excep Chine (D-2)

  1. Application Form
  2. Resume
  3. Certificate of Bank Balance
  4. Certificate of Admission
  5. I.D Card
  6. Passport
  7. 3 photos

¡Ø After receiving the Admission and Certificate of Reference (Notarization required) from Daekyeung College, students may bring other documents and apply for a visa at the Korean embassy.

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