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co-op education
co-op education
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Benefits of CO-OP Education

for the employer

Access motivated, qualified, capable individuals who can assist permanent personnel during peak periods, vacation time or on special projects will be provided.
The employer will meet long-term personnel needs by selecting and training prospective employees (a co-op work term is like a sixteen-week interview).

Co-operative education staff will facilitate hiring by posting positions, collecting and forwarding resumes, passing along messages to students, and arranging interviews. The employer will assist in keeping curriculum up-to-date through feedback to the college on the technical capabilities of co-op students and will have a chance to provide an opportunity for permanent employees to develop supervisory skills.

for the student

Co-operative education will provide "career-related" experiences that extend the learning process beyond the limitations of the classroom and apply classroom learning, thereby gaining a better understanding of course material and its relevancy, which strengthens the motivation to learn. The student will assess the suitability of career choices, increasing the likelihood of career satisfaction and develop a network of employer contacts.

They will earn income, manage finances, contribute to the cost of education, build self-confidence and experience new geographic locations.

for the university

Educators are kept up-to-date on the latest developments in their field through contact with students and employers during co-op work terms. Co-op students have an increased motivation to learn. Co-op enhances the visibility and reputation of the college in the community and beyond. Co-op graduates tend to be more successful in the workplace making these programs appealing to potential applicants.

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