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co-op education
co-op education
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Responsivilities of CO-OP Participant

of the employer

The employer should provide accurate job descriptions for positions posted with the Co-op office, conduct an orientation at the beginning of the work term to familiarize the student with the workplace and the employer's expectations, assist co-op students to establish and achieve learning objectives, be available for an on-site visit by a college representative to monitor the student's progress, and contact the Co-op office regarding any problems or changes that may affect the co-op work term.

of the student

The students should fulfill academic requirements and actively participate in job search activities, maintain regular contact with the Co-op office regarding job offers, organize and finance transportation, accommodation and other work term expenses, honour job acceptance and perform capably on the job, complete the academic requirements of the work term including the daily log book and technical report, prepare for the on-site visit by a college representative, and inform the Co-op office immediately of any problems or changes during the work term.

of the university

The college should develop and maintain relevant curriculum reflecting the needs of employers, provide guidance and resources to assist co-op students in job search, regularly contact employers, college personnel and students to promote co-operative education. The co-op office should maintain complete and accurate co-op records, assist employers in the development of co-op job descriptions and in student selection, monitor the progress of co-op students during the work term through an on-site visit, telephone calls or mail, and assist co-op students with developing learning objectives and technical report topics or with problems that may arise during the work term.

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