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co-op education
co-op education
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CO-OP Education System
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co-operative education

Co-operative Education has played a vital role in the development and success of many Taekyeung College graduates. Students, co-op educators, faculty, and employers are partners in this educational process which integrates classroom study with paid on-the-job work experience. Co-op work terms bridge academic semesters with opportunities to apply knowledge and skills gained through studies. All Co-operative Education work terms are considered formal academic experiences with defined learning objectives, academic direction and evaluation.

Daekyeung's Co-operative Education program simultaneously offers on-the-job training, academic credit and the possibility of monetary compensation. A co-op provides valuable training and a laboratory in which to test classroom knowledge and one's aptitude in a particular career. All academic departments participate in co-op and positions related to a student's major, minor or career goals. In this program, you work with a co-op coordinator to find a qualified training site, or your current job may qualify if it relates to your studies. Co-op training can help you establish references for future employment and expand your knowledge of and experience in a particular kind of work while you are earning college credit. Co-op education may also improve your ability to make the transition from school to work when you complete your program.

co-op educational system

This educational system is constructed with a high-tech classroom. This system enables students to practice classroom theory and practical experience demanded from the business industry. A definite hands-on approach to learning. This enables students to enter the workforce without prior work experience.

Included within this system is the 'Hair Studio' and 'Skin Clinic,' and the '42nd Street restaurant.' These are run by students and professors with profits awarded to students as scholarships.

specialized education concentrated on practicality

Through the curriculum of practicality before name, competence before formality, we try to enhance the students' adaptability to business. We teach students to demonstrate abilities and skills needed most in the business world. For example, the "Lagosol" (Taekyeung's proper brand) is designed by Textile Design students, displayed by Interior Design students, advertised by Computer Design students and are being sold by Distribution and Information students through marketing research.

goals of co-operative education

Co-operative education provides opportunities for students to learn and apply job search skills, enables students to develop a network of employer contacts, exposes students to the realities of the workplace in their chosen field, provides quality work experience where students can apply their knowledge and skills, and assists employers by providing well trained, enthusiastic co-op students.

co-operative education work term

The co-operative education work term is usually 17weeks in length and a minimum of 320 hours of paid program-related work experience is required. During the work term, the College will monitor the co-op student through an on-site visit, telephone call or mail.


The co-operative education work term is an academic experience for which academic credits are granted.Successful completion of a work term is based on assignments which generally include a work term exercise/report, an employer evaluation and a daily log.


Co-operative education work terms are usually paid work experiences. Salaries will be within the standards for the industry and commensurate with skills and abilities.

transportation and accommodation

Transportation costs to the work site and accommodation/living expenses during the work term are the responsibility of the co-op student.

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